4 Tips to Make Bandage Removal Easier

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4 Tips to Make Bandage Removal Easier

Whether it’s a toddler or an adult, removing bandages can sometimes be a tricky – and painful – business. This is especially true for people with sensitive or fragile skin. No matter how quick or gentle you are in ripping bandages off, it can result in injury.

Thankfully, there are simple tricks you can use to make bandage removal painless. All you need is a little patience and some common items that can most likely be found in your kitchen.

How To Remove Bandages Without Causing Skin Tearing 

Remove the bandage after a shower/bath

By taking a hot shower or bath first, you will clean the surrounding area which will make removal easier. Water weakens the glue or adhesive in the dressing, leading it to peel off easily once you’re out.

Apply oil

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Soak a cotton swab or cotton ball in baby oil, and gently rub it over the tape/bandage until it falls off. If you don’t have baby oil, you can use olive oil or coconut oil as well. You can test to see if the bandage is coming off by slowly peeling a corner.

But keep in mind that this will take a few minutes. It won’t work instantly like medical adhesive removers do.

Use alcohol

We don’t recommend using this tip unless your bandage is a one-time thing. Simply dab alcohol on the tape and it will dissolve.

If you are using adhesives on a daily basis, avoid using alcohol to remove it, as it can cause your skin to become dry, red, itchy, or swollen. Even now, many people are complaining of dry, itchy skin on their hands because of having to use hand sanitizers multiple times a day.

Use Medical Adhesive Remover for Sensitive Skin

Please note that these tips shouldn’t be applied if you have sensitive skin or really thin skin. Using the above methods require a certain amount of pressure to be used on the adhesive, and it can easily cause skin tearing if your skin is thin or fragile, no matter how gentle you are.

In these cases, only consider using a good-quality adhesive remover that’s latex- and alcohol-free. FreeDerm is a solid option for you whether you have sensitive skin, or you simply don’t want to spend precious time on removing your bandages every day.

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FreeDerm is made from a special proprietary formula that contains no harmful chemicals, and it removes the adhesive within 5 seconds. You won’t need to use any pressure or pulling to remove your medical tape, which makes it perfect for people with fragile skin.

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