Best Adhesive Anchor For Sensitive Skin

catheter anchor for sensitive skin, adhesive anchor for sensitive skin

Best Adhesive Anchor For Sensitive Skin

Only people with sensitive skin know how difficult it can be to introduce new products to their skin. This goes for skincare products like lotions and creams, to medical adhesives that are required to secure catheters.

Adhesive anchors are designed to securely hold the catheter in place. They prevent urethral trauma and urine backflow caused due to catheter dislodgement or movement.

There are two common types of systems that are used to secure a catheter:

Catheter leg straps: These leg straps are designed to be wrapped around the thigh to hold the catheter in place. They are perfect for people who don’t want to deal with adhesives or tapes at all. However, the leg straps can become loose and you may need to readjust them very often.

Adhesive anchor: The reason why adhesive anchors are so great is because they mold to your skin so well, you don’t even feel them. The key is to use a good quality, latex-free adhesive that’s made of 100% hydrocolloid like CathGrip.

These anchors have an opening to insert the catheter tube and a tiny clasp to secure the catheter in place, without cutting off the flow of urine.

Why Leg Straps/Bags are Not Good for Sensitive Skin

Leg bags are used to collect urine that drains from an external catheter or a foley catheter. The thing is, these leg straps are generally made of latex or vinyl so as to block odors and resist leaks.

catheter anchor for sensitive skin, adhesive anchor for sensitive skin

If your skin is not sensitive or you only need to use a catheter for a day or two, a leg bag is great for you. But vinyl or latex is essentially plastic, that can cause severe skin reactions in patients with sensitive skin or those who are suffering from skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea. 

A large number of people are allergic to latex, and you may not even realize it until you develop blisters or hives on your skin.  Also, you will need to wear a pouch-like holder or straps to keep it in place throughout the day. These straps are also made of fabric or latex, which can come loose as you move around.

Best Catheter Anchor for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin that is highly prone to skin rashes, allergies, or blisters from using adhesives, CathGrip might be the best option for you.

CathGrip helps keep your indwelling foley catheter locked in place at all times. It’s basically an adhesive foam pad with two straps that hold the catheter in place. The clamp allows you to freely move without causing any uncomfortable tugging sensation.

catheter anchor for sensitive skin, adhesive anchor for sensitive skin

CathGrip is made from a 100% proprietary hydrocolloid formula, that’s extremely skin-friendly and can be worn for up to 7 days. The hydrocolloid in the CathGrip provides an incredibly healing setting that protects uninfected wounds while enabling your body to heal. This is why CathGrip is so great – you don’t need to change it as often and it is easy to apply as well. 

CathGrip has a waterproof backing, and since it lasts longer than most types of adhesive anchors, it’s more affordable as well. In fact, the hydrocolloid promotes faster healing because it’s very flexible and easily mold around skin and body motions. It also reduces the risk of bacteria or other contamination to enter through the catheter tube.

Learn More about an Effective Catheter Anchor for Sensitive Skin: CathGrip

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