Comparing And Contrasting Different Types of Adhesive Anchors

adhesive anchors

Comparing And Contrasting Different Types of Adhesive Anchors

There are several different types of adhesive anchors for patients who have to use catheters and other ventricular assist devices (VADs). These include tapes, bandages, leg bags, and strapping devices such as CathGrip.

It’s essential to use the right adhesive anchor to stabilize the catheter. Otherwise, you risk potential removal that could damage the bladder and urethra. And if you are using a drainage bag and it is not correctly supported, the bag may fall, taking the catheter with it. This may further irritate the surrounding area and make you uncomfortable.

The right adhesive anchor is vital for patients to prevent not only discomfort but also potential development of ulcerations. Medical device-related pressure ulcers are a serious issue, and choosing the right anchoring adhesive is a simple and effective way to prevent this problem. 

How to Choose the Best Adhesive Anchors

There are 3 main types of adhesive anchors:

Tape: This is a medical tape that is used to secure the drainage tube to your stomach or thigh.

Catheter straps: This system involves a Velcro or elastic strap that wraps around your thigh to secure the catheter. Straps are less likely to cause skin rashes and irritation, but they have a tendency to loosen. This may put significant pressure on the catheter and restrict the blood flow.

Adhesive: The adhesive anchors are reusable, and can be attached to the lower abdomen or the thigh. These can stay on your skin for up to a week so you don’t have to hassle yourself with continuously using and removing the device.

Adjusting to a catheter can be challenging. But with the right securing device, your experience can be made way more comfortable. These adhesive accessories lubricate the insertion tube and keep the catheter fixed so as to avoid any leaks or odors. 

CathGrip: Best of Both Worlds

If you can’t decide between adhesive and catheter straps, why not use CathGrip that has features of both. Whether you are using an external or internal catheter, you’ll need to secure the drainage tube to your body. This will also reduce the discomfort and bladder spasms caused by the constant movement of the device.

CathGrip is specifically designed to secure catheter drainage tubes and you can wear it for up to 7 days. It is also waterproof, latex-free, and made of 100% hydrocolloid which is considered extremely gentle on skin. Hydrocolloid is a skin-friendly adhesive that prevents irritation unlike traditional adhesive anchors and tapes. CathGrip has two no-slip grips that provide maximum driveline support. 

A significant number of VAD patients who complain of allergic reactions to adhesives find CathGrip an excellent solution for driveline securement. Removing CathGrip is as easy as applying it: simply spray the FreeDerm around the area to release adhesive. 

Wound Care Resources Sales: The Most Affordable and Efficient Anchoring Devices

At Wound Care Resources Sales, we offer a wide selection of products, like CathGrip, that are critical to the continued good health and wellbeing of our VAD patients. CathGrip is perfect for fulfilling different needs such as infection prevention, tape allergies, and skin sensitivity.

If you have any more questions about CathGrip and whether it would be a right fit for you, give us a call at 855-400-2433.


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