Does Your Adhesive Remover Jeopardize The VAD Driveline? Here’s Why You Need FreeDerm

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Does Your Adhesive Remover Jeopardize The VAD Driveline? Here’s Why You Need FreeDerm

A VAD (ventricular assist device) is a mechanical pump that is surgically attached to the heart. Patients with congestive heart failure have to use a VAD in order for their hearts to function normally.

Unfortunately, these patients are also at a higher risk of developing VAD driveline infection and line damage.  If you are a VAD patient, it is critical for you to protect the VAD device so as to prevent the common infections associated with it.

The best way to do this is by paying special attention to your at-home care and maintenance routine. Make sure you are following the VAD driveline management instructions carefully. This includes taking care of the driveline exit site care.

adhesive remover

Since you need to change the bandage/dressing on the exit site on a frequent basis, you need to use an efficient way to remove the adhesives. Some people prefer using water but it doesn’t remove the adhesive completely, and it takes a lot of time and pressure to work. If you have sensitive or fragile skin, this can be a painful problem for you.

Remember, VAD infections begin with a trauma or disruption to the barrier between the driveline and skin. By using water, or washcloth, or chemically-loaded adhesive removers – which you might be allergic to – can cause a trauma on your skin.

FreeDerm Bandage Remover Keeps Your Driveline Safe

Several studies have shown that driveline dressings should be done efficiently, between scheduled changes. It is important that you get rid of the old adhesive completely before applying a new dressing.

FreeDerm has proven to be the best natural adhesive remover for VAD patients. By using FreeDerm, you don’t need to pull or apply pressure around the driveline area to remove the dressing. It also reduces the risk of infection by creating a barrier between your skin and the driveline.

FreeDerm is a gentle yet highly effective remover that helps you avoid friction at the skin during bandage changes.

adhesive remover

You can prevent skin damage from repeated application and removal of VAD devices by using FreeDerm. It quickly removes the hydrocolloid tapes and dressings, as well as any residue bacteria. And since it doesn’t cause any friction, the risk of adhesive-related injuries is reduced too.

FreeDerm is alcohol-free and latex-free, which means it won’t irritate your sensitive skin. It’s gentle enough for babies and the elderly.

Get FreeDerm to Take Care of Your VAD Driveline

Once VAD patients return home, at-home dressing integrity is crucial to keep them safe and healthy. At Wound Care Resources Sales (WCRS), we provide a wide range of premium medical device accessories for the wellbeing of VAD patients.

If you’re looking for a chemical-free adhesive remover for your gentle and sensitive skin, give FreeDerm a try. It is a special silicone-based spray that will prevent any line damage or infection that comes with long-term usage.

Call us at 855-400-2433 to learn more about FreeDerm or other medical products we offer for improving the life of VAD patients.