How to Apply The CathGrip Adhesive Catheter Anchor

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How to Apply The CathGrip Adhesive Catheter Anchor

CathGrip Anchor is the only universal adhesive catheter anchor that safely holds tubes from 3-40 FR (French Catheter Scale). It’s available in dual straps for all maximum securement, and it’s made of hydrocolloid which is the most skin-friendly adhesive available in the market.

Whether you’re looking for an adhesive anchor for adults or infants, the soft straps with no-slip grips in CathGrip will be perfect for you. Once you understand the benefits of CathGrip securement device and how it can help you, you should also know how to apply it. Correct application is vital to ensuring that your medical device stays in place in a comfortable and sustainable manner.

How to Apply CathGrip Anchor?

First things first, make sure the area you want to apply CathGrip on, is completely clean. If there is any lotion, oil or sweat on the skin, wash it with soap first. This will ensure that the device stays on the skin for longer.

Here is how to apply CathGrip:

cathgrip anchor, adhesive anchor, adhesive catheter anchor 

·        Wipe the entire area with the alcohol wipe (included in the package) and allow it to dry.

·        Then wipe the same area with BioPlus+, and wait for 15-20 seconds to let it dry completely. 

·        Then peel the release papers from the hydrocolloid adhesive

·        Next, press the adhesive pad to the skin for about 15 seconds; this will seal it in tightly

·        Now position the catheter on the no-slip grips

·        Finally pull the straps through completely to attach it to the skin firmly

Once the CathGrip anchor becomes loose or turns a white color, remove it or replace it with a new one. It’s recommended to use FreeDerm adhesive remover to get rid of any signs of the adhesive. You can also use warm water to remove it by wrapping a washcloth around CathGrip and rolling it away.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind When Applying CathGrip

When you are using CathGrip, consider the following tips beforehand:

cathgrip anchor, adhesive anchor, adhesive catheter anchor 

·        We have mentioned it before, but let us say it again: make sure your skin is totally dry before you apply CathGrip.

·        If you are using cleansing wipes, allow the area to dry completely. These wipes can cause extra moisture beneath the skin and can reduce the wear time of CathGrip.

·        The first application of CathGrip will be shorter than the consecutive applications, because the hydrocolloid gel in it absorbs all the moisture from the skin. So, when you first use it, it may only last for 3-4 days, but the later applications will last up to 7 days.

·        After you have removed the CathGrip, discard it in a trash can. Don’t reuse it, or it can cause infections.

CathGrip: Live a Healthier and Joyous Life

Just because you have to use a catheter doesn’t mean you have to compromise the quality of your life. Wound Care Resources Sales (WCRS) provides revolutionary yet affordable medical solutions for VAD patients.

If you are tired of using medical tapes and standard adhesives that leave your skin red, itchy, and swollen, give CathGrip a try. Call us at 855-400-2433 to learn more about CathGrip and our other customized solutions.


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