Is The Cathgrip an Adhesive Foley Anchoring Catheter Device?

adhesive foley catheter anchoring device, cathgrip anchoring device

Is The Cathgrip an Adhesive Foley Anchoring Catheter Device?

CathGrip works as a perfectly reliable adhesive foley catheter anchoring device. Many medical professionals as well as large healthcare facilities now use this safe and advanced catheter securement device for their patients. In this post, we are going to discuss what a foley catheter is and why CathGrip is ideal for patients using it.

What is a Foley Catheter?

Also known as an indwelling urinary catheter, it is a tube that is inserted into the bladder to empty out the urine. The tip of this catheter has a little balloon filled with a solution that holds the catheter in place.

To apply it, the doctor first cleans the genital area with an alcohol-based solution. Then they put lubricant jelly on the catheter to help it go in easily. The tip of the catheter – that’s attached to a deflated balloon – is inserted into the urethra very slowly and gently.

When the doctor sees urine flowing from the catheter, they fill the balloon at the end of the catheter. This balloon holds the catheter securely so it doesn’t move or fall. Then the open end of the catheter is attached to a drainage bag.


Cathgrip is an adhesive anchor that’s designed for maximum comfort and safety of the VAD patients. Many patients and caregivers often face the challenge of keeping a foley catheter in place. This is where a CathGrip foley anchor comes in.

adhesive foley catheter anchoring device, cathgrip anchoring device

Here are just a few benefits of CathGrip: (a) It has a long wear time, of up to 7 days; (b) It can fit any size catheter; (c) It prevents catheter dislodgement, and reduces the risk of urinary tract infections as a result; (d) It uses skin-friendly Hydrocolloid gel that’s incredible for people with sensitive skin; and (e) It molds to the skin, and doesn’t dislodge when you move around.

CathGrip is easy to apply as well. Just follow the below instructions: 

·        Clean the area where you want to apply it. There is an alcohol wipe included in the CathGrip package for this purpose. It’s pivotal that your skin is completely free of any sweat, lotion, cream, oils, etc. before you apply CathGrip, or it won’t remain attached for very long.

·        Then apply the “skin protectant prep” included in the package, and allow it to dry completely.

adhesive foley catheter anchoring device, cathgrip anchoring device

·        Then place the CathGrip anchoring device where you want it to be

·        Find the arrow located at the base of CathGrip. Then hold the catheter in place while you pull the flap on the opposite side to create an opening in the slit. Push the flap next to that arrow into this opening.

·        Grab both flaps and pull them in opposite directions until the first flap comes through the slit and is secured

·        Peel off one side of paper backing while keeping the catheter in place. Gently apply pressure to make it stick to the skin. Repeat this on the other side as well.

CathGrip Anchoring Device: the Only Latex-free and Hypoallergenic Adhesive Anchor 

Want to learn more about CathGrip? Our expert team at Wound Care Resources Sales offers customized medical solutions to VAD patients. Call us at 855-400-2433 to learn more about our affordable and effective anchoring devices.


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