Sensitive to Latex? Here’s Why You Need FreeDerm

latex free adhesive remover

Sensitive to Latex? Here’s Why You Need FreeDerm

According to the FDA, about 6% of the general population is allergic to latex which is usually added in the adhesive removers. That is why many look for a latex free adhesive remover option such as FreeDerm. In case you didn’t already know, latex is a rubber that is derived from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber tree).

Many people are surprised to find out that the rubber in their tennis shoes and tires all come from a tree. The soft white material found underneath the bark of a mature rubber tree is called latex. It is essentially 40% rubber mixed in with 55% water. 

But this natural latex or rubber is then processed in factories so it can be made into a variety of things like shoe soles, balloons, diaphragms, toys, bandages, latex gloves, diapers, rain coats, etc.

Latex sounds like a wonderful gift of nature but the truth is, many people can develop severe allergies due to being exposed to products containing latex.

Latex Allergy

People develop latex allergy by coming in contact with it on a regular basis. Statistics show that nearly 12% healthcare workers and nurses are allergic to latex due to using latex gloves and other materials containing latex on a daily basis. 

latex free adhesive remover

You may be at risk of developing latex allergy if:

·        You are a healthcare worker and work in veterinary medicine, emergency workers, animal laboratories, or dentistry fields

·        You are a construction worker

·        You work in the beauty industry as a hairdresser

·        You work in the food preparation industry

·        You work with plants as a gardener

·        You’re allergic to chestnuts, kiwi, avocado, or banana

·        You’ve had several surgical procedures

·        You suffer from eczema , asthma, or spina bifida

·        You have problems related to urinary system 

It is not known exactly why the allergy develops, but repeated exposure to rubber products has proven to cause allergy in many people.

Symptoms of Latex Allergy 

If you’re allergic to latex, and you’re using any latex-based VAD devices or adhesives, you may show the following symptoms:  (a) Eye irritation and tearing; (b) Hives; (c) Skin rash and breakouts; (d) Nasal congestion, runny nose, or excessive sneezing; (e) Feeling lightheaded or faint (low blood pressure); (f) Red, itchy bumps on the skin; and (g) Shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, or wheezing.

If you or a loved one are using a latex-based catheter, or a latex-based adhesive to secure it, it’s likely that you will develop these symptoms sooner or later. Due to growing latex allergies among healthcare workers as well as patients, many medical professionals are now advising against using latex-based products. 

latex free adhesive remover

A great latex free adhesive remover is FreeDerm. FreeDerm is specifically designed to instantly remove hydrocolloid bandages and tapes without causing any pain, pulling, or discomfort. FreeDerm contains absolutely no latex or alcohol, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin or latex allergies.

That’s not all: you can use FreeDerm to remove adhesive residue from bed rails, medical equipment, and carts as well. This formula is extremely gentle on the skin – so much so that it can be used on babies as well.

Best Latex Free Adhesive Remover in the Market: FreeDerm

At Wound Care Resources Sales, we strive to provide the highest-quality, branded medical accessories at the most affordable prices. If you’re looking for an adhesive remover that’s latex-free and contains no harsh smells, FreeDerm will be a poignant option for you. Call us at 855-400-2433 to know more.


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