Sustainable Adhesive Remover: Why FreeDerm is The Future

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Sustainable Adhesive Remover: Why FreeDerm is The Future

People are growing more and more conscious regarding the environment and their carbon footprint on it. We still have a long way to go but studies show that some people are now choosing to support brands that protect the environment. A plenitude of homeowners are going solar, young adults are embracing “minimalism”, and some pharmaceutical companies are now avoiding using dangerous chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and latex that are in the adhesive remover.

If you or a loved one are using a VAD device (like a catheter) or an adhesive (bandages, tapes, wound dressings), you may want to choose an adhesive remover that doesn’t contain any substances that are harmful to you or the ecosystem. 

What is a Natural Adhesive Remover? 

Most of the adhesive or bandage removers available in the market contain alcohol, latex, or CFCs, which can result in adhesive-related injuries or infections. If you are allergic to latex, or you are regularly using something that contains any of these chemicals, your skin can develop blisters, rashes, or worse, skin cancer.

CFCs were commonly used in refrigerants and aerosol propellants, but they were banned due to their catastrophic impact on the Earth’s ozone layer. Unfortunately, their usage wasn’t banned in the pharmaceutical industry. There are still a lot of medical manufacturers who use CFCs to make a number of things, including adhesive removers.

Even if you are not allergic to latex yet, its continuous use (in the form of tapes, gloves, bandages, etc.) can make you allergic. A number of healthcare workers and nurses develop an acute latex allergy because they routinely use latex gloves to perform procedures or handle bodily fluids.

50% of children born with spina bifida develop an allergy to latex because they have to undergo a series of surgical procedures. Most medical equipment and accessories, like gloves, ventilation bags, IV and respiratory tubing, etc. all contain considerable amounts of latex. If you are using a latex-based adhesive remover, you are likely to develop a latex allergy over time.

This is why FreeDerm has become such a revolutionary adhesive remover among the medical professionals. FreeDerm contains no latex, no alcohol, and no CFCs. Many pediatricians are now using FreeDerm for babies because its gentle formula doesn’t damage the skin at all, regardless of how many times you use it.

FreeDerm: Safe and Sustainable Adhesive Remover

FreeDerm is made from a proprietary silicone-based formula that was designed specifically for people with sensitive and fragile skin. Whether it’s a baby or an elderly patient, it gently removes the adhesive without irritating or drying out the skin, unlike the alcohol- or latex-based removers.

It comes in a very convenient spray bottle. All you need to do is spray FreeDerm on the area with adhesive and the tape/bandage will come off effortlessly. You will find no residue behind, and there is no need to wash the area afterward.  

The environmental-friendly FreeDerm doesn’t contain any CFCs either, which are banned in most countries for damaging the ozone layer. If you are tired of rubbing your skin with water to get rid of the adhesive, or you don’t want to use a solution that’s chock full of chemicals, FreeDerm is a profound option for you.

Do Your Part: Choose a Sustainable Adhesive Remover

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