Troubleshooting Common Anchoring Problems: Why CathGrip is a Proven Problem Solver

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Troubleshooting Common Anchoring Problems: Why CathGrip is a Proven Problem Solver

Medical device-related anchoring problems often result in pressure ulcers for patients. Although medical evidence shows that some ulcerations cannot be prevented, many of them are easily preventable through appropriate implementation of clinical best practices. One of the key best practices is the use of safe and effective securement products, such as an adhesive anchor or grip anchor device.

CathGrip – A Reliable Securement Solution

CathGrip is an innovative grip anchor product made from skin friendly hydrocolloid material. This advanced adhesive anchor product is designed to secure a user’s catheter in its position.

The product is based on proprietary technology of BioDerm and utilizes a unique hydrocolloid formula to deliver safe and long lasting catheter securement. Based on feedback from patients and clinicians alike, the company’s research indicates that CathGrip reduces the chances of tube migration and lowers the traction on tubes, although individual experiences may vary.

Highlights of CathGrip Adhesive Anchor Product

Every CathGrip catheter grip anchor device will include:

·        100 percent hydrocolloid adhesive material

·        Unique Skin Barrier Preparation Wipe

·        No latex content

·        Opaque colored to ensure skin visibility

·        Coated with polyurethane so that it stretches with skin if edema occurs

·        No-slip grip to keep tubes secure

·        Soft feel

·        High durability for repeat repositioning of the catheter

CathGrip product range is categorized into three broad product families:

  1. Hold Me: designed for low profile device securement
  2. Grip & Seal: designed for securement at the insertion site  
  3. UniGrip: designed for universal securement.

Proven Safety and Efficacy

The CathGrip adhesive anchor was evaluated by medical professionals in a large hospital in 2015. The UniGrip product was distributed hospital-wide after the evaluation. Additional clinical evaluations have also been performed.

In each of the evaluations, the patient’s skin condition was assessed before, during, and after the application of CathGrip grip anchor device. In all of the evaluations, it was found that the patient’s skin condition was either unchanged or improved compared to the time when the securement device was not used.

None of the evaluations reported any adverse events, such as pressure ulcers or skin tears. Respondents during these evaluations agreed that CathGrip was a dependable solution for Foley catheter securement. Approximately 79 percent of the respondents said that CathGrip exceeded or met their expectations.

Over 89 percent of nurses indicated that the CathGrip securement device was easy to apply. And 90 percent said that the product adhered well and continued to remain secure for the entire expected patient wear time.

Prevention is the Right Approach

When it comes to medical device related pressure ulcerations, prevention is better than the cure. The CathGrip securement device is aimed at helping medical facilities and patients prevent the occurrence of ulcers that are medical device related. It is in the interest of patients as well as leading medical facilities that proper monitoring programs are put in place to prevent these types of ulcers.

CathGrip grip anchor solution can help in the implementation of these programs. The product eliminates the use of harsh, plastic parts as well as acrylic adhesives. The base is hydrocolloid, which is quite similar to various wound dressings.

Choose a Reliable Adhesive Anchor Device

CathGrip is a hypoallergenic and latex-free catheter securement device. To learn how it can help patients at your medical facility, talk to our experienced representatives at Wound Care Resources Sales. Call us at 855-400-2433 today!


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