What is The CathGrip And Why is it a Revolutionary Adhesive Anchor Product?

cathgrip anchor

What is The CathGrip And Why is it a Revolutionary Adhesive Anchor Product?

Bioderm’s CathGrip anchor is a universal tubing securement device that effectively holds tubes from 3-47 FR (French catheter scale). It is made of hydrocolloid adhesive that is highly skin-friendly, which means it has little to no risk of skin rashes or irritation.

 CathGrip also has soft straps that have no slip grips, and it works for both pediatric and adult patients. The gentle grips have been designed in a way that’s perfect for longer improved wear time and repeat positioning. 

What Is CathGrip Anchor and How to Use it

Every CathGrip anchor comes with the following components: (a) Hydrocolloid based securement device; (b) alcohol wipe; and (c) skin barrier wipe.

Here is how to use it:

·        Clean the area (lower abdomen or thigh) with the alcohol wipe to remove any traces of sweat, lotion, etc.

·        Allow it to dry.

·        Then wipe the area with BioPlus+, and wait 15 seconds.

·        Remove the release papers and press to your skin to seal.

·        Place the tube on the no-slip, soft grips.

·        Pull tightly to secure. 

If you have sensitive skin, you’d be happy to know that hydrocolloid present in CathGrip is a hypoallergenic material. It is so soft that it feels like a second skin, making it very comfortable. You can easily wear it for up to a week. 

It is recommended that you avoid using harsh soaps and lotions/creams that contain a lot of chemicals. Choose skincare products that contain no parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. No matter what type VAD or adhesive you’re using, it’s important to have a good skin care routine so your skin stays healthy throughout the experience.

Removing CathGrip is just as easy. As soon as it turns a milky-white color or becomes loose, use warm water or an adhesive remover like FreeDerm.

If you’re using warm water, soak your CathGrip in the water or wrap a soaked washcloth around it for a couple of minutes, and then roll the device from the skin. If you’re using FreeDerm spray, just lift up the edges of the CathGrip, spray the solution underneath it, and it will come off easily.

VAD patients across the world have had incredible results with using CathGrip for their medical adhesive needs. From infants to elderly, this adhesive anchor has shown to keep the skin perfectly healthy while keeping the VAD device secure for days.

Just make sure the area where you are supposed to apply the CathGrip is intact and healthy – there should be no rashes, wounds, or inflammation present. If you have these issues, wait for them to heal before you apply CathGrip.

Say Yes to a Hassle-Free Adhesive Anchor: CathGrip

At Wound Care Resources Sales, we strive to provide state-of-the-art VAD solutions to our patients at highly affordable prices.

CathGrip is one of our most dynamic products that is changing the way people use medical adhesives. For years, a lot of patients have had concerns like skin allergies and rashes that come with using latex-based adhesives on their sensitive skin.

Thanks to CathGrip, we now have an effective solution for that. To know more about Cathgrip anchor and how it can help you, call us at 855-400-2433.


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